December 11, 2014

My Rainbow Pregnancy Journal {week 27}

We're in the third trimester, friends! :) 

And... it's totally a girl. :) We're just absolutely tickled and look forward to welcoming our 5th daughter in March!

I'm enjoying an intentionally slow Christmas, and reveling in the Truths and mysteries of Advent currently. I'm feeling quite expecting, spiritually as well as physically, like an unsuspecting bubbling joy. You need Ann Voscamp's book, "The Greatest Gift," in your life. Let it sink way down deep in your bones this Advent. 

This is the first week that I've begun to notice baby girl's weight. I've been doing transverse abdominal and alignment exercises daily with fit2b studio to keep a strong core to support her and not let her growing weight cause my back to sway. Non-flaring rib cage over neutral hips, people! Ha. ;) (use my code to get a special discount on rivkareverer)

The third trimester's arrival brings with it a wide range of feelings and thoughts:

-Anticipatory excitement growing to meet her when she's ready.
-Feeling the incling to "nest" but actively choosing to wait until after Christmas. 
-Feelings of hesitancy in actually getting things ready or thinking too far ahead of TODAY. 

The last is new to me this pregnancy. I'm sure because our last child, Jane, was born too soon. 

I'm thankful that now that we know this she is a she, that the gender questions of, "what I'm hoping for" have ceased. My go-to reply? "I just want a person." 

I'm also thankful I never vomited the more ugly sounding truth on some unsuspecting, well meaning person: "Oh, boy or girl? Actually, I'm just hoping this one stays alive."

Friends, don't say that to people. They mean well and won't know how to handle that. Say it instead to someone who knows and understands. Who will not assume you're "still" stricken with grief or fear. Who will sigh and smile and tell you that's okay or normal or acceptable. Who will hold you with their arms, if you need, and with their eyes. Who will be honored that you felt safe with them to get that off your chest. 

It's healing. :)

 #rainbowpregnancy #pregnancyafterloss 

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