January 7, 2014

A One Word Resolution

2 013 was a year of choosing joy beyond circumstance and trial, a year of hard eucharisteo.

Year of location change, re-homing, injury and long-term pain.  One of temper tantrum-ed child I struggled to understand, even like, and humble parenthood.  Of financial hardship after employment and economic change, and learning how to receive.

I wrote of my One Word 2013 :: Joyful.

Scripture 2013, given before understanding its depth or why :: Psalm 68:19.

Heh...  Hindsight amuses me.  He's such a good God, a good Father to me.  So faithful and constant, loving and true.

Blessed be the Lord!

Praise. Eucharisteo {triune of grace, thanksgiving, joy}.  Joyful Praise!  Difficult Praise.  Hard Eucharisteo.  And up from hard eucharisteo grows deeper, true joy.  Roots growing deeper and wider in search for water, and when found, the parched and withered are strengthened.
Waiting on the Lord is not a passive thing, hoping He shows up.  Waiting on the Lord is an active verb.  We do something mighty when we wait upon Him.  To cling by Him, to His side - clutching His robe in a heap on your knees because you're too withered to stand, acknowledging His constant presence when it may be quiet.


Joyful roots grew down deep in 2013, yes.  Indeed.  Some named "joyful mother of children" beyond their behavior or my feelings of adequacy, and "it's acceptable to not have a clean house," and "really living amidst to-do lists," and "learning to receive," and my favorite: "laugh response...to everything."

Faith truly and deeply shaken in 2013, yes.  Indeed.  Realizations of roots allowed to grow, some named "hopelessness," and "fear," and "poverty mindset."

Scripture 2014, given identically to both my husband and I :: Romans 5:1-5.
Isn't it wonderful when God speaks parallel words to those in covenant?  My someone's One Word for 2014 is integrity, in the structural sense :: the uncompromised ability to safely resist the required loads; to be sound; undiminished.
uncompromised ability to safely resist the required loads. - See more at: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-structural-integrity#sthash.g0Kgk1zw.dpuf

My One Word 2014 :: Faith.

So here I am.
I am present in the moment, waiting.  I wait expectantly on the Lord.  Waiting actively.
Continuing joy, happiness even, beyond circumstance.
Waiting for faith roots to grow down deep.
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