June 3, 2013

God-Sized Dreams and a Goodbye

I wrote you, friends, two months ago about taking a break from blogging.  I wrote you of my struggle in letting it go.  I wrote you of the joy God had already begun to grant me in the process of being fully (in stead of partially) obedient to Him.

{to read, "Obedience, Taking a Needed Break," click here}

I used to get online every day.  I did a lot with social networking.  I love to write and blog.  I love to encourage and (in)courage.

Being online every day was fine for me then, and even needed while I was an (in)courage community leader. But since taking a needed break from blogging here, stepping down from my position with (in)courage, and social networking in general, I have been able to fully dive into my God-Sized dreams --

MY FAMILY {truly learning what it is to become a praying parent and wife, the power in those prayers, and intimacy with Lord that comes with that, and devoting my passions into being the best me I can be for them - holding myself to a standard of grace and not perfection while living intentionally, which is hard, but so is really loving, and like Sarah Mae, I want to do those hard things}.

MY HOME {We moved.  The six of us moved from a two bedroom singe-wide trailer in the country into a three bedroom, two story, farmhouse 8 miles down the road, that has separate rooms for homeschooling, play, living, and music. I love, love, love our new home. We have space to breathe and grow. I can get SO much more accomplished in my home when I'm not tempted to sit at a computer off and on all day. I'm teaching the daughters better about literally caring for our home and being good keepers/stewards of that which we have been given. And they're enjoying themselves in it! And you know what? So am I.}

HOMESTEADING {We are beginning this year with what is a substantially sized garden for us first-timers - 15' x 54'. I want chickens, I really do. I want to move toward being much more self sufficient concerning our food. I and the daughters have begun learning hand crafts such as crochet, needle point, cross stitch, sewing, and wood working, candle making, and canning, AND there's not going to be a period here in this section because I have a strong feeling my dream will grow}

HOMESCHOOLING DIFFERENTLY {I'm tired and they're tired of my trying to force a public school style school schedule and style of learning to fit into our family. It just doesn't. And now they and I are much happier and learning more.}

I am not locking the door shut on this blog, this beautiful place that I'm so very fond of, or especially you, friends, that I've connected with. I am neither deleting my Facebook.

I am not anti Facebook or anti social networking.

I am however, pro my God-sized dreams. I am also pro keeping in touch with people I wouldn't see otherwise.

Ergo, I will still use my Facebook but much less often (as you may or may not have picked up on recently), and while I am indeed not locking the door on blogging, I am however closing the door.  I will keep the website live so God can still spread encouragement through my words as HE sees fit to direct through past writings and confessions.

With how I love to write and encourage, I would not be surprised if the day comes to open that door again.  I'm okay with just waiting to see about that.  ;)

If you need to get in touch with me more quickly than how often I will log on to Facebook, please feel free to email me at rebecca@frommymountainview.com.

I am happy.  More so, I am joy-filled.  Things aren't perfect or even all well, but I am walking in peace.  This is a good, good thing.  And what caused me to struggle so before, now puts an outrageous grin on my face and flutter in my heart to move ahead.

Thank you for such a good run.  I have cherished our time together here.  In Jesus' name, I release myself from this and in much rejoicing, I leave you now to pour into my God-Sized Dreams (five of which currently sit waiting in the next room for me to slice the bread that's been cooling on the rack).  :)
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