February 2, 2013

When Life Feels a Mess
aka Why I've Been Quiet Here Lately

Good morning, loves.  :)

Happy Weekend and Happy February!!   Am I the only one who missed January??   I feel like I lived days here and there, blinked, and it was gone.  Do you ever feel as if time is passing you by, not waiting on you to catch your breath?

It can feel discouraging in the moment of trotting along behind; struggling to not only have eyes to see what isn't being accomplished or what hasn't been done.

Our holes, our gaps.

Our lack of blog posts in the midst of life's current fullness...  Oh wait, that's me.  ;)

I know I've been quiet lately.  Quiet again even after "getting back in the game."  I think of you often, friends.  I long to interact, to write, to gift encouragement that I'm receiving along the way.  But I'm tired.  I find myself parched for words of inspiration for you or myself.  I find myself so much more on the needed receiving end of inspiration and encouragement right now.  My family need me and I need them in a different kind of way than in seasons past.  Which is not wrong, just tiring.  I'm truly tired.  And longingly tired for the next season.  Ever feel that way too?

I had two incredibly needed conversations yesterday; one in person with a dear friend.

I made it almost all the way to her house without noticing I was still in my slippers, and I still went in them anyway.  It was that kind of day...  Err, month.  Her and I both reluctantly climbed this mountain of friendship and came out the other side with a preciousness and value of it that neither of us have before experienced in our lives.  This friendship is gifted by God and is a long time coming after a lonely waiting for His provision for me in this area.  Sisterhood is needed.

The other was a phone conversation with my momma after the daughters fell asleep.

The kind of phone conversation where you stay up way too late, have to plug the phone in during so the battery doesn't die on you, and pay for it with sleepiness the next morning and too much coffee (if there is such a thing).  The kind of conversation that you gladly pay for.  Whether or not you've experienced this with your mother, you know what I'm talking about. ;-)

We couldn't always talk like we can now.  There were some years of mistrust and guarding, then some of healing and rewriting.   So as a side-note, I encourage you to hold tightly to hope for the relationship that needs rewritten in your life.  He is faithful.

Romans 5:5 - photo source
She encouraged me in something I feel the need to share here.  She's a writer and speaker, by the way.  If you want to check out her writing blog, A Sojourner's Voice, you'll find it is grand in honesty and grand in enjoyment.

Ephesians 6:10 in the Amplified reads this way --

"Be strong in the Lord, empowered through your union with Him; draw your strength from Him which His boundless might provides."

God isn't stressed about my problems.  One problem doesn't take more effort on His part than another.

As mothers, we don't have to meet every need.  We can't meet every need.  We are not created to do so.  But add God into the equation and anything is possible.  He is the Need Meeter.

Remember that God is working in the hearts of your children in ways you cannot see.  They are being formed in this current season of life and their Heavenly Father has their best in mind, too.  He is actively at work in them. 


It (life) can look like a mess and you still be doing a great job.

Before I go, may I just say for a moment how much of my hero this man is?  I'm so glad I spend every season of life with him.  We're my favorite.

Until next time, sweet friends, front porch rockin' and chocolate cake hugs to you all.

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  1. wow. that was awesome. thanks for stopping back in to encourage!!! sharing this with all my followers, I know they will be encouraged too!

    I'm so sorry you are in a tiring season right now <3 and hugs.

  2. Beautifully written. Whether you have a spoonful or a bowl full of encouragement to give, we all receive it gladly. I love you, sunshine! And you're doing so very well in this season. <3

  3. Sweetly written, you have a beautiful God led heart. We are all here for you as you have been for us. Blessings and prayers for you and yours. Tara.

  4. Rebecca...I decided to drop by (its been a while) and am so glad I did. I have been in the "weary season" of life and, yes, you will come out on the other side just fine. God is faithful. Keep up the good work...you're doing just as you are needed to in this moment in life. Loved all the photos as well. Blessings.

  5. So well said and beautifully written. Love this - that God is working in the lives of my children and that I can only do so much - ultimately their hearts need to respond to God and only God can change and grow them into the men and women of faith He wants them to be. I play just a small part of it - still a big responsibility, but not nearly as overwhelming when I remember Who gave me the responsibility in raising these little ones. Thank you for this!

  6. I absolutely loved your honesty here, my friend. I can so relate to you! I can be so hard on myself, and your words were such an encouragement to me that life can be overwhelming and tough, and I can doubt myself so much, but God is STILL working in me, in my children, in my marriage... and well... in all things!

    Thank you for reminding me of that wonderful truth! You were a God-send to me today with this post!

    Keep being real, my sweet sister!


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