January 6, 2013

Joy Dare 2013 - Chronicling Eucharisteo Moments

Eucharisteo from the Greek
{ thanksgiving :: grace :: joy }

Give thanks to the Lord!  His love endures forever!

cooing from the newly born... {#191}
original songs by a 5 yr old, all about how big and awesome God is... {#192}
sweet nothings in my ear... {#193}
trees with low branches for short arms & legs to climb... {#194}
rearranged space that brings more peace... {#195}
brunch with a long distance friend... {#196}
she's in love with a good man... {#197}
playtime scripts written by the imaginative young... {#198}
God is working it out for good & His glory... {#199}
that ring that held place on my finger for a forever promise before we met... {#200}
sparkly, new, and at home; a ring... {#201}
helpful technologies to reach goals; #myfitnesspal... {#202}
reading how to not be a #desperatemom @sarahmae @sally_clarkson ... {#203}
mixing, kneading, shaping, baking, smelling, eating; bread... {#204}
I can't do it alone, I see it... {#205}
precious babies; even their bums to change... {#206}
a full refrigerator, and the years it wasn't... {#207}
hard eucharisteo; the seed it plants... {#208}

It’s habits that can imprison you and it’s habits that can free you.
But when thanks to God becomes a habit –  so joy in God becomes your life.
~Ann Voscamp
Join me in chronicling a year full of graces?  :)
Take the Joy Dare here.

“Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you…” (Thess. 5:18)

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  1. I love your list of graces and thanksgiving - especially 192, 194, 197, and 205. And yes 207 and 208. You bless me. Over and over again.

  2. Love #206. I have 2 bums to change throughout my days and it's good to be reminded that those stinky messes are blessings. :)

  3. Beautiful! May we never stop counting...

  4. All things to be so grateful for! Thank you for sharing!

  5. I just finished reading One Thousand Gifts. It was such a challenging book and I'm learning to see the joy and gifts in the every day moments.


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