January 3, 2013

Back From a Social Media Break!

Happy New Year, Friends!!! 

"One morning I woke up and decided that I wanted to enjoy my life in its precious stage; I wanted to live it and soak it up, and I wanted to keep it like a secret pearl."
{Amber Haines, The Run A Muck}

I desperately needed this social media/networking break as we welcomed our sweet baby girl, Naomi, into this world in November {whom you may read briefly about here! *squeal*} AND thoroughly enjoyed a continued break over the Christmas season while spending time with friends and family and road trippin' {view our new Christmas family photo here! *hooray*}.

But I am now super glad to be back and excited about connecting with you all again! Thank you for your continued thoughts, prayers, comments and emails while I've "been away."  Yall are incredible!!

I am also relieved to be feeling up to getting started blogging again because not writing has been wearing on me. Sometimes one just needs to write. :) 

I thrillingly look forward to the new year with yall and all God has to offer in it {read about my one New Year's Resolution here}

May you enjoy a steaming cup & front porch rockin' kind of day!

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