January 7, 2013

A Prayer When We're Feeling Desperate
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Happy Monday beautiful ladies!!!

There are so many beautiful things about Mondays . . . Here at From My Mountain View, every Monday, we band together and renounce/reject manic Mondays.  Right here is a perfect place for us to encourage one another and be encouraged!
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Dear Papa,
We come to You when we're flailing about.  We come to You when we're drowning.  We come to You when thick fog of discouragement has clouded our view.  You are our stronghold.  You are our lifeboat.  You are the light to our situations, surroundings, and pathway.  We are able to press on in You.  We can press on as we press into You.  We tenderly linger in Your courts today as we go about our tasks.  Help us to comfort and guide our children today when they need it of us, instead of them becoming the recipients of souls down-trodden.  Help us to recognize their similarities to us in their tenderness.  Give us Your strength to walk in the perspective that our children may need similar from us today what we find ourselves needing from You.  You are our God, and in You we place our trust!  David encouraged himself in the Lord.  Teach us to do the same! 
In Jesus' name, Amen!

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I bless you today with eyes to see them and hearts to recognize them -
the blessings in disguise.


Psalm 118:24 (amp)

"This is the day which the Lord has brought about;
we will rejoice and be glad in it!"

I desire to recognize what is my part of the "manic" in Mondays, and do what I can to change it.

I desire to live abundantly in the Mondays.
I desire to thrive in each day; to dance them in along with the sun.

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  1. Happy Monday! That's a great prayer, but I do hope you aren't feeling too desperate today! Blessings!!


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