December 12, 2012

Decide to Keep the Spark
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{"Decide to Keep the Spark" - selected from the From My Mountain View archives due to welcoming our family's newest arrival, that you may read about here!}

In the mix of life, children, schedules, trials...
Love for our spouse can become a normal, regular part of life; romance taking a backseat in our minds.  Sometimes even seeming somewhat stale before we realize what's happened.
So let us in the mix of life, children, schedules, trials...
Allow their simple look in your direction spark the feeling of being alive in you like it once did.
Give conscious thought to the sound of their heartbeat and the letting it draw your heartstrings tighter and tighter. 
Be aware of their presence as if it was the last time you may see them.
Desire to acknowledge their heart more than your being right.
Remember that Once Upon a Time you both chose to give your hearts, unashamed, naked, raw, and forever. 
Never become complacent.  Never stop pursuing your love.  It will not fade.

Thank you, sweet friend, for the joy of my precious view from the bleachers on Sunday of you resting your head on your cancer-free husband's shoulder.  Praise God.  Praise God for the time we have.

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