September 19, 2012

Revive Your Marriage Series - Revive Your Friendship

Why does it seem that remaining "friends" is one of the first things to go in a marriage?

Do we stop talking about things that have nothing to do with: who's going to the grocery - how we're paying what bill when - the kids did this today - this must be dealt with tomorrow - this is on the calendar for Tuesday...?  In other words --
  • Do we stop engaging in conversation beyond the daily nitty-gritty?  
Best advice I've read given on how men and women communicate differently?
While women prefer to be face to face, making eye contact, men prefer to be side by side, talking while doing.  "Hey babe?  You wanna go on a hike?"  ;)
  • Do we stop making time to do fun things together?
I admit, I've spent most of my time in the past in this specific area just waiting around until he invites me to do something that I want to do.  So I've been attempting to be more intentional about suggesting things that I know he enjoys.  Sort of in the same light of how you'd pay attention when you were dating to find out what he likes and then get in on it too!
  • Do we stop allowing time to just "hang out"?
We like to cuddle while watching a flick on the tube if we need some true down time.  Isn't it interesting though, that as we've been married longer and longer, that our tendency wasn't to cuddle but rather to just find a comfortable seat after a long day.  I noticed it one night when we were literally across the room from one another!  Be intentional with your time together.
  • Do we stop enjoying the prize of intentionally making the other laugh?
Laughter shared is so important as a couple!  It charges you up for one another.  You enjoy each others company more.
  • Do we stop flirting?
This is a really good one for me yall.  My head gets so wrapped up with what I'm doing, or need to do next, with the children or around the house, or go here and there, yada-yada, that I totally forget to be intrigued with my husband and do things to intrigue his attention towards me.

I'm taking the challenge.  Are you, my friends?  :)

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  1. I think that a bit of flirtation within each other's presence helps a bit. Initiate some physical touches here and there as it creates more physical interaction for intimacy. The occassional hang-out and be like college sweethearts helps revive the passion.


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