September 19, 2012

Prayer of the Day - When My Children Refuse to Obey
& I Feel Angered

Oh God,
I feel exasperated!  I don't know why they are making these choices today when they know there will be consequences.  My heart is for them and to teach them good things, but anger has been growing in me today over this.  I understand that not all anger is sin; even You have righteous anger against rebellion & hardened hearts.  But I also see that even in the face of disobedience and stiffened necks, Your Word describes You as ready to pardon, gracious and merciful, slow to anger, of great steadfast love, who will never forsake them.  But how quickly even righteous anger against sin becomes lodged in our human hearts.  So for this reason You say to cease from it because not only does it not produce Your righteousness, it produces evil.  Help me Lord, that when I am angry due to my childrens' disobedience that it doesn't cause me to sin; to lose Your fruit of self-control, giving a foothold to the enemy as I give in to the temptation to react to them in an ungodly manner.  Oh God!  How I need Your strength and wisdom to deal with this!  You say that those who seek Your wisdom, it will be given, as well as knowledge and understanding.  Help me to deal with my children with Your Father-heart towards us; to address it Biblically yet with compassion while pointing to You.  In Jesus' precious name...

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  1. I know you like to read, so I'll share these titles with you: standing on the promises by Douglas Wilson and shepherding a childs heart by Ted Tripp. Both books really helped circumcise my heart and I read them over again a few times each year!!!! So easily the heart forgets...and so abundantly the mercy rains down!!!! You will prosper, not because you are able, but because the lord has ordered your footsteps, lit your path and carried you through. On Christ the solid rock you stand!!!!

    Thanks for sharing these little prayers, you are surely uplifting each reader!!


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