September 17, 2012

Prayer of the Day - When Life Feels Frantic

Be still, O my soul!  I say in Jesus' name, be still within me.  Father, You are God over all.  You are my God and I will exalt Your name.  I declare that I will trust in Your goodness when I cannot see past the swarm I find myself  in.  Quiet my mind, quiet my thoughts, Lord.  Quiet my heart, quiet my emotions, Lord.  You're Jesus over circumstance, Jesus over situation.  You are still Jesus in my troubled time, and Jesus in the joy.  You are Name Above All Names!  Please give me Your ability to just let it be; to be still and know that You are God; God over me, over this day.  I will be still and look on, gazing restfully from my dwelling place - from my very circumstance - towards the peace You have readily for me.  Open my eyes to see Your hope that lays before me as a beautiful sunrise, clear and fine cooling mist.  I acknowledge that I may not see immediate change in what surrounds me this day, but in perspective I will.  Help me Lord to be still and rest in You; to wait for You and patiently lean myself on You, and fret not.  Thank You for Your promise that You are with me all my days (perpetually, uniformly, on every occasion), forever.  Amen (So let it be...)

Psalm 37:7, 46:10, Isaiah 18:4, Matthew 28:20


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