September 3, 2012

Prayer of the Day - When I Need Cheering On

Dear Papa,
You are for me.  You know my heart towards You, and Your character is not to assume the worst in me.  Thank you for cheering me on.  Help me truly experience Your cheer for me in this day, and how Your Father-heart isn't disappointed in me when I miss the goal.  You continue to cheer me on for my attempt, and encourage me to try again and not to give up hope in the game.  Bless me with Your hope today.  And help me to subsequently bless my children with this hope today as well.  Aid me in cheering for them too.  To be for them.  To not assume the worst in them or their motivations today.  And to faithfully guide them in an understanding of how to more Biblically deal with how they're feeling and react to situations, as You teach me to do the same.  Thank You and in Jesus' name, Amen!

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