August 5, 2012

"My Home" ...A Creed.
Moms Against Manic Mondays Link Up

Happy Monday beautiful ladies!!!

There are so many beautiful things about Mondays . . . Here at From My Mountain View, every Monday, we band together and renounce/reject manic Mondays.  Right here is a perfect place for us to encourage one another and be encouraged!  Moms Against Manic Mondays is a place you can share a post or article on your blog about Mondays, encouragement, joy, pressing on, etc, etc.  :)

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Moms Against Manic Mondays - A Day to Encourage & Be Encouraged. 
Let's press on together as we dance in the mornings. :)

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Featured Post from last week!
"My Home"

This was posted by Robin over at Music of the Heart.  Thanks so much Robin for joining the link-up and for your super encouraging words!  Feel free to grab my button from the side-bar that reads, "I Was Featured On From My  Mountain View," to post to your blog or this week's Moms Against Manic  Monday post!  :)
Here is the lovely, enjoyable, and encouraging poem Robin shared:
The dishes may not all be done,
And dirty socks may be in one
Or two spots that they shouldn’t be,
But what is all of that to me
When a little girl has set up Tea?

The garden has a few more weeds
Than probably the produce needs,
And possibly a bug at play,
But they will last another day
When a boy of mine needs to pray.

I’m not a fashion model, and
I don’t wear diamonds on my hand,
Or pretty baubles in my ear,
But I am making time to hear
The trials of my husband dear.

The company that comes to call
May need look down so not to fall,
And step around a thing or two,
But if they care to kick off shoes,
A listening ear and tea will do.

I’m not a perfect housekeep, or
The type to get it done and more,
Sometimes I find my house, it seems
Much better in my waking dreams,
But home is what the heart esteems.

So I will focus on the best,
A little work, a little rest,
And time for all who come aboard,
Time of prayer to hear my Lord,
And love, the everlasting cord.

For a free printable on this subject, check out Lisa-Jo's (The Gypsy Mama), "The Tired Mother's Creed"
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Give thanks to the Lord!  His love endures forever!
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  1. Oh, yes. Just this. From one tired mamma to another--rest in Him today, sweet friend!

    1. Hey Laura! :) Yes, indeed... Much needed rest. And intentionality to not strive to be "super mom," but rather an "abiding in Him mom."

      Love always! <3


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