August 31, 2012

A Prayer a Day for Mothers
:: a new venture along this voyage ::

I have been greatly encouraged & inspired by Unveiled Wife's daily prayers for wives/marriage. So simple, yet so powerful, uplifting, perspective altering, etc.  Where her purpose for her blog is to encourage wives, my purpose with From My Mountain View has been to encourage mothers.

I have a great desire & prompting growing in me to begin including simple prayers with similar purpose to this blog's outreach.

While I have committed to post to my blog regularly due to what I believe to be God's leading, I have also committed to not allowing online time to take away from my family, encouraging LIFE in my children, household duties, & homeschooling. God gave me my family & my calling to them before He gave me this blog to encourage you, my friends.
I've been talking with the Lord about this commitment & priorities in light of this desire I feel to post daily prayers for mothers. "Won't this take up MORE of my time, Papa?" I believe that He's encouraged me to pursue this, reminding me that it's not something to over-think and meant to be short & simple; and that I can write many at once & schedule them out to be posted daily (instead of my taking the time on a daily basis to sit, write, & post them.

I am continually excited to see how God is growing my heart & purposes and seeing change take place within FMMV, & how He continues to grow my reach to more and more.
So on that note: WELCOME to all my new followers & rapidly growing daily readers!!!  This space is FOR YOU.  And I pray you feel welcome here. if sittin' on my front porch with me, sipping sweet tea, in the shadow of my mountain. ❤
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  1. Stopping by from allume, and so glad I did! Beautiful space and I love your heart. I know it wasn't the purpose of this post, but I love how you said "it's not something to overthink" I think I tend to do that too, especially with my own blog and writings. Just keep it simple Amanda! Ha!
    Will I see you at allume? :)

    Blessings to you, fellow crunchy mom :)

  2. Your spot here is beautiful and I love that you are taking the time to ask God what He wants...what His plans are for you...
    Stopping by to meet you from the Allume link up...decided it would be fun to put a few faces with names before October.
    ~Kara @ The Chuppies


I'm thrilled you've stopped by for a visit! I hope you feel as though we're sittin' together on my front porch while drinkin' somethin' warm; simply sharin' life with transparency. :)

Whether you are a first time visitor or a long-time reader, know that you are welcome here in this community. Put your feet up awhile and make yourself at home!