July 12, 2012

.....MY Pregnancy Journal: Week #21
Dealing With Hormone Shifts, Having "Me Time", Standing On Another's Faith, and What's In a Name?

Title Topics -- Where to find them within this week's Pregnancy Journal
  • Dealing With Hormone Shifts - Found in the "What Made Me Cry This Week?" section.
  • Having "Me time" - Found in the section entitled: "Sleep?" 
  • Standing On Another's Faith - Found in the second half of the Discussion Question. 
  • What's In a Name? - Also found within the Discussion Question, in the first half.

    Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,
    before you were born, I set you apart.
    Jeremiah 1:5

    I prayed for this child, and the Lord granted me what I asked of Him. So now I give him to the Lord.
    1 Samuel 1:27-28

    How far along are you?  21 weeks today!
    Baby's growth?  Naomi weighs about three-quarters of a pound now.  She's also around 10 1/2 inches long - about the length of a carrot.  :)  Her initial fluttering movements turned into full-fledged kicks and nudges about a week ago.  I seriously feel like she is practicing martial arts in there!  haha  Which is even more humorous considering what her middle name means. (I'll explain in the Discussion Question)  I've even begun to notice patterns throughout the day (or night) of her movement.  #ILoveBeingPregnant

    Best moment this week? Our eldest two, Abigail and Selah, got to feel Naomi kick a couple of times.  This was their first experience of this so far this pregnancy, and so it was pretty exciting.  :)
    Cravings?  I'm not gonna lie...  I totally saw ooey-gooey, greasy CARTOON pizza, and thought I was gonna stop breathing until I could eat some!  HAHAHAHA! 
    What made me cry this week? What didn't make me cry this week???  Seriously.  My hormones have felt pretty good and in-line for awhile now, with very little mood swings.  But apparently this week, or rather the last three days, my body has been going through a significant change which must require some kind of hormonal shift.  I don't at all feel like myself inside.  I know it's "normal" and "temporary," so I'm just trying to hold on, be honest with my family on how I'm feeling, taking a deep breath or two before speaking, and taking extra time to rest in the quiet and soak in God's presence.  My husband is truly my hero.  None of this extra rest/quiet time would be possible without his loving understanding of pregnancy and stepping up to take care of extra stuff around the house and with the children.  I am so thankful that I have a husband who also understands that moments like these this week are normal and temporary, and we will carry on.
    Sleep?  I am glad, and a little proud, to report that I have been doing much better about allowing for enough sleep.  My husband has actually been the forerunner on this change.  Realizing that I needed some accountability in this area, he has been turning off the computer and/or Netflix (Netflix not being an every night occurrence, but he turns it off if we're watching something together) by 9:30.  Which forces our transition together towards our pillows.  You see, he is responsible about going to bed at a wise hour, so if I decide to stay up, he'd go to bed with or without me.
    I equate it, honestly, to my just trying to find "me time."  But staying up too late, therefore ruining my quality of sleep, and still having to wake up early = I wake up feeling tired... how is this "me time" truly benefiting me?  It's not only unhealthy, but in essence selfishness because the equation also equals a mom who is not able to give her children the mom they need in the mornings and then throughout the day.  *Food for thought.*  I'm not saying that time as a grown up is not important.  It is.  But we need to be wise in our choice of when and what.  I was not being wise.  I knew it needed to change, but wasn't seeing the all-encompassing "why" it did.  Thanks to my husband for holding me accountable and doing it with me, and the Lord for showing this to me.  If this concept is old news to you, then marvelous.  If not, I encourage you to consider it as I have recently.  :)
    Thoughts from the family?  Nothing new to report.  Just an adorable continuation of little voices talking to their baby sister in my belly.  :)
    Prayer requests?  Praying for whatever "change" my body is going through this week to hurry along.  Hormones to be aligned again, in whatever form they need to be at this point during the pregnancy.  I'm beyond ready to feel like myself again inside.
    Discussion Question: What names have we picked out, and how do you choose baby names?  We have already chosen the name Naomi Marcella, as I have shared in a previous post.  Naomi is from the Hebrew and means beautiful, pleasant, and delightful.  Marcella is Latin, meaning brave, martial and hammer.  They balance themselves out quite nicely wouldn't you agree?  ;)
    The meaning of names is of extraordinary importance to us.  We also believe that naming a person holds a very real spiritual importance to it.  How many times in the Bible have we all read something to the effect of this paraphrase: "And he/she was called yada-yada because he/she was this...or because he/she behaved in this way...or because this is what was going on in their family or country at the time..."
    In past pregnancies, sometimes we've looked up what seems like a billion names and their meanings until the Lord just really "speaks" to us through one and gives us peace resting on it, and other times it's only one (like Naomi Marcella).  But always there is prayer.  We desire to honor the Lord, not only for blessing us with this, his miracle, but also to ask Him to give us an idea of who this person is and/or will be.   And what is truly amazing is that all of our children exhibit a consistent countenance of exactly what their name means!  And as they grow we are able to begin to silently recognize attributes about them that correspond to their names.
    My husband's name, for example:
    • Aaron - simply means bearer and bringer of light, but also includes (in the original Hebrew) messenger, teaching, singing, shining, and mountain. 
    • Jude - meaning thanks, gratitude, and praise. 
    • He is ALL of these things and more --
    • He is a gifted teacher/speaker, to youth especially, but has been an ability to find common ground and therefore an ability to connect with people from every different age group, cultural group, economic class, etc., and be able to teach them, full of grace and humor.  I have been blown away as he continues to grow in these areas as he serves the Lord with them and "shines his light." (Aaron)
    • My husband has a gift of faith (which is AWESOME...because I don't.  His faith has under-girded mine in varying degrees throughout our marriage.  Sometimes even to the extent of my prayer, "Ohh, God, please honor my husband's faith, and give me Your eyes to believe without seeing, because right now I honestly just don't...but want to so, so badly. Please continue to grow my faith, Lord.  Thank You that You have made us one, and I stand with my husband's faith right now.")  And what is faith?  "The substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not yet seen."  And what is the driving force behind faith?  Eucharisteo --  Grace, Thanksgiving, Joy. (Jude)
    • Aaron is a talented musician, though he would never say that of himself, and sometimes lack of confidence in this truth taints what I know to be his true abilities in it. (Aaron)
    • As a really cool addition, he would spend every single day hiking in the mountains near our home if he could, calling the mountains "where God meets with him most."  I like to call it his prayer closet, ha. (Aaron)
    • This is my husband.  You see how he "is" the meaning of his name?  Exciting isn't it?

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    1. I'm happy by thinking that Lord give you a child and you are now so happy. Thanks a lot.

      1. Awe, thank you so much! I am happy indeed. :)

        With joy,

    2. First of all, what a tiny 21 week bump for baby #3, and secondly: we also choose names accordingly. My children's names aren't biblical, but they are chosen with thought. For example, my daughters name is Cipher, which means decode, etc.... Well, her numbers were all like a code when she was born. Born on the 13th, at 11:13, I pushed for an hour and 13 min, in room 113, she weighed in at 7 pounds 13 oz......we thought it was great, and now that she's 5 it fits her even better because she's such a joyful puzzle, always keeps us guessing! Our son was due on Halloween ( but we do not participate in modern Halloween now) so I googled the real history, and turns out before it became pagan or a ritual, it had a name called Samhain (saw-win) which just means "summers end" and going into fall....how perfect, because he was a fall baby! Not a Halloween baby! And our third daughter passed away during birth recently. I was not mad at God, but instead I seemed him more than ever. He revealed to me he had me in his hands and he would not protect me from what he could perfect me through. My faith grew sooooooo much at this time, so I chose the Hebrew name for faith for her, Emunah. The lord actually revealed this to me through our 5 year old. When we found out we were expecting she kept insisting that the babies name was Munah!!!!! Crazy, right?! And then what do ya know...I research the name faith in Hebrew, and it's Emunah. How I am amazed by Gods love!

      1. Hey Jaclyn! Thanks for stopping by again! :)

        hahaha Actually this is bump #5 (our fourth daughter is on the way and we have one glory baby as you have as well). I began showing really early with this pregnancy. So much so, that people were guessing twins! haha I've noticed consistent belly growth, but mostly very slowly the last few weeks. But I'm measuring on cue, so all is well. ;)

        I love your daughter's name, Cipher. It's so creative. How exciting to see evidence of her name present in her personality and countenance! :)

        We have an October 30th kiddo, and so dealt with the same comments from people, "It's a Halloween baby!" We were like...no thank you. Haha Thanks for that info!!

        After your last comment on one of my posts, I read "Emunah's Story" on your blog. It was beyond moving and precious. Please be sure to check back in those comments for my much longer reply concerning your sweet baby girl. :)

        Love you, dear friend!

      2. Awwwwwww, thank you!!!!! Xoxoxo


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