July 15, 2012

.....Moms Against Manic Mondays Link-Up
"Kindess Is On Her Tongue"

Happy Monday beautiful ladies!!!
There are so many beautiful things about Mondays . . . Here at From My Mountain View, every Monday, we band together and renounce/reject manic Mondays.  Right here is a perfect place for us to encourage one another and be encouraged!
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Moms Against Manic Mondays - A Day to Encourage & Be Encouraged. 
Let's press on together as we dance in the mornings. :) 
Featured Post from last week!
"Kindness In the Home"

This was posted by Naomi over at What Joy Is Mine.  Thanks Naomi for joining the link-up and for your super encouraging words!  Feel free to grab my button from the side-bar that reads, "I Was Featured On From My  Mountain View," to post to your blog or this week's Moms Against Manic  Monday post!  :)
Here are some excerpts from what Naomi shared: 
...Kindness defined is the "disposition which  delights in contributing to the happiness of others, which is exercised cheerfully". (Webster's 1828 Dictionary)
...Being intentional with each act we perform. Doing them unto  the glory of God and in love.  In showing kindness to our loved ones, we set the tone of our homes. The simple act of a kind word or deed blesses our families abundantly.  Kindness in the home can create an atmosphere  of love and positivity.  Being kind  promotes peace as well, helping  when problems arise. And usually,  when kindness is  demonstrated by one, it becomes contagious. Like a domino  effect. Importantly, we are teaching by example and leaving a legacy they will hopefully pass on to their families. The benefits of  kindness in the home  are truly worth  taking the time to practice daily and often. Something I am going to intentionally do more of.
...So, how can  we  extend kindness to our husband and children?  Here are some ideas to practice--
  1. Greet our families with "Good Morning" and a smile.
  2. If we see a need, help them if we can.
  3. Say "I Love You!" daily to our husband and children
  4. Fix meals that are family favorites at least twice a month (if not more)
  5. Write each of your children a love letter for their birthdays (Creating a wonderful memory here)
  6. Say "please" and "thank you" often
  7. Really listen when being spoken to (making eye contact & stopping your activity really helps with this)
  8. Text, call or email your husband to tell him how much you appreciate him. 
  9. Offer encouragement throughout the day
  10. Give your husband a card just because
  11. Hug each family member often.
  12. Make time to just play or talk with your children
  13. Take your children to the park as a surprise
  14. Plan an evening with your husband, surprise him (Doesn't have to be away from home)
  15. Place love notes in your husband's lunch or pockets
  16. Bake a batch of your family's favorite cookies
  17. Hold your husband's hand
  18. Compliment them often
  19. Ask you husband about his day
  20. Speak gently, not yelling
  21. Show great patience
She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.
~Proverbs 31:26~
This was wonderful.  So hop on over to be encouraged and find enjoyment in the entire read for  yourself!  :)

Moms Against Manic Mondays

Give thanks to the Lord!  His love endures forever!

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  1. Just found your sweet blog - so happy I stumbled upon it!

    1. Oh, and I'm so glad you did! I was able to "stumble" upon your blog in return! :) I hope you stop by again soon.

      With love,

  2. Beautiful ideas to practice kindness. Love it!
    You have a lovely blog here. :) I'm visiting from the link up over at 'Women living well'
    God bless

    1. Hey, thank you, Cathy! :) So glad you stopped by!

      Blessing to you as well,

  3. I'm new here, I really enjoyed looking around. Thanks for sharing such great thoughts!

    1. Welcome, Angela! :) Glad you stopped by, hope you swing by again soon. Checked out your blog - You have a beautiful family. :)

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