July 27, 2012

Gazing Beyond While Being Present
::5 Minute Friday::

"Set your timer, clear your head, for five minutes of free writing without worrying about getting it right."

Topic: "Beyond"

Ready.  Set.  Go.

I have had a stomach virus all day in addition to a herniated disc while being 23 weeks pregnant.  But my children, though their behavior never reached the unforgivably desired unattainable perfection, never stopped being a reminder and source of the Lord's joy to me.

We have so many reasons in this life to despair and understandably distract us from His graces.  Eucharisteo moments.

We have no other option than to hold on, white knuckled, to our only Hope:  Him.  Allowing this ache to press our eyes beyond our present circumstance knowing this is not our home.

The beauty in this waiting though, is while yet gazing ahead with this beyond perspective that drives us forward in our stories, is to also be fully awake; wide-eyed in this moment to catch His dares to joy that brings us life abundant.


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  1. Nice! I love the idea of a "beyond perspective." That will stay with me for a while. Visiting from Lisa Jo's place. I will be back.


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