July 24, 2012

5 Minute Friday... errr, Tuesday?

I sat at our family computer after a long, full day last Friday.  Staring.  Screen beginning to pixelate as my eyes traveled in and out of focus.  I wanted to link up with this post, but just wasn't into it then.  I retired to bed instead, what I needed.  I know I'm a little past Friday, as I link up with this writing challenge on a Tuesday, but I just now genuinely felt free to actually sit and free my mind and soul to do this. 
"Set your timer, clear your head, for five minutes of free writing without worrying about getting it right."
Topic: "Enough"

Ready.  Set.  Go.

Dancing the mornings in is difficult to do when you're in pain.
It's hard to see beyond the pain.  Like dense fog cloud around spiritual sight.
[Sorry that the original image I had posted stopped working. Unfortunately they claimed copyright infringement even though I gave them source credit and linked to them.  :(  Oh, well.  Here's a different one though!]
But foothold given, even small, to broken worry and fear becomes a snowball through soul; gaining size, strength, and ground the further it travels.
Feelings are valid.  But not all feelings are Truth.  Neither is Truth validated by feelings.
The heart is desperate.  My heart reaches towards uncertainties as my spirit reaches towards standing strong in Him.
I know the One who is Truth.

I must say, "Enough."  
Acknowledging how I feel, indeed. 
Then willing my flesh to come under my spirit man, under Him.  
Under the One who was, and is, and is to come.

ENOUGH to worry.  ENOUGH to fear.  He is not the author of it.
ENOUGH to footholds to the enemy.  ENOUGH to footholds of the mind that lead my heart toward desperation.

What is Truth in this?
Healing is for me.  Price was paid.  It is finished.

...Feelings still present.
But Truth regains proper place.
Peace beyond my understanding.

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  1. I've just posted, even after You! Busy week with lots of other creative projects and writings I've been doing... I enjoyed/appreciated this post - Thanks for sharing your heart... ;-}


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