June 4, 2012

Giving Them Wings With Tissue In Hand
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Tomorrow morning is Abigail's first day
at summer day camp.

She'll have quite a full day, with it running from 7:30am-5pm, and be responsible to "follow all directions, walk to different places as a group, and put on my own sunscreen like a big kid." 
Those have been her cute, I mean valid, concerns about the week.   She's already seven (and a half!), if you can believe it (I can't).  I am a bit more than hesitant about this.  So a quick prayer sent up for her AND I would be appreciated.  :)
I would probably be feeling a lot more hesitation, with her being homeschooled and this being the first thing she's ever done like this before, if it wasn't for the fact that her daddy totally works there.

Other than her few concerns though, I think it's quite possible that she might very well explode from excitement! 
I couldn't be more tickled for her as well, what with all the activities they provide there; like swimming, archery, canoeing, diving boards, lake slide, water zipline, pool slides, slip n slide, riflerly, and hiking. Plus lunch, snack, and "rest time" are included. :)
She's going to get to go 6 of the 12 weeks that it's offered this summer. We homeschool year round, so she still has 5 weeks of school left to do at this point. But I asked her if she'd like to alternate between a week of school and a week of camp for the rest of the summer, and she looked at me with a mix of thrilling excitement and "duh mom."

A little while ago I packed her book bag with all of the required items (ie: towel, swimsuit, sunscreen, change of clothes, & water bottle), and I realized that I've never packed a BOOK BAG for her with the intention of sending her somewhere away for the whole day long! I even teared up!!  I guess this might be the homeschool mom's equivalent to sending your kid off to school for the first time.

Who am I kidding?  I'm nervous. 
I won't be there to make sure she listens well, doesn't get hurt, that she has everything she needs, or that her sunscreen gets put on evenly, that she eats all of her lunch, or drinks enough water!  

Oh my, just rereading my rant makes me feel silly.  But my momma said that this is exactly how she felt my first day of Kindergarten (we started homeschooling my 7th grade year & my sister's 3rd), and cried all the way home from dropping me off both the first and second day.
I believe she's ready, even past ready.  I believe this will be not just really good for her, but even monumental in her growth and maturity with where her individual self is at currently and what she needs.  

Plus the staff knows her personally since (one) her daddy works there, (two) we've been up there a lot so far this season, (three) they come over to play and watch movies and hang out, (four) they have even babysat for us a couple of times, like when I had to go to the ER in a hurry.   
They are a really good bunch of people and they do their jobs well.  

Plus, her daddy will be there for the greater portion of the day if they needed him for any reason.  I mean, what other parent is in such close proximity?!  
--side note----->I'm probably even more emotional about it all since I'm pregnant.  To give you an idea, a few minutes ago I got really hungry before bed and got a craving for chicken breast and portobello mushrooms sauteed in a little bit of bacon grease.  I know, I know I'm a health nut, but I'm pregnant so chill out.  MUAhahaha!  ;)  Anyway, back to the story.  My emotions were already feeling fragile due to Abigail going to camp tomorrow, and when I got everything ready to cook it up... My bacon grease was gone!  Aaron threw it out.  "WHY?!  Why would throw out such a beautiful thing like bacon grease," I cried (literally).  I'm so pregnant.  lol <-----end side note--
15 weeks!

When I talked with my momma about all of this (minus the random side note above), she had some wonderful words of encouragement to share (like always).  Here's what she told me:
Through the experience "you had bloomed and grew in wisdom, favor, and in stature with both God and teachers and friends; and so will Abigail.  She is blooming; and she's so ready because you have done so well in raising her.  Watch her spread her wings and enjoy!  (With a tissue in hand)

That was exactly the encouragement I needed, and so I thought someone else might need it too.  Don't you just love moms?  :)

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  1. Summer camp will be such a fun experience! I'm only 16 months into this parenting journey, and I can't imagine sending my baby off for the whole day! I do well to send him to Mother's day out for four hours twice a week! It sure sounds like Abigail is ready for this big adventure!

    Mary Beth
    PS Your pics are wonderful!

    1. Mary Beth, thank so much for stopping by! :) Congratulations on your "new" little one. Our youngest is just three months older than yours. :) I cried the whole way home from camp this morning! At least it was only a five minute drive!! haha She is ready. Thank you for the encouragement. I parked up the hill after I signed her in. I needed to watch and just be there for a little while. She's already made a new friend. :)

  2. Beautiful pictures! Wow. It is very emotional sending your kids away, even when you know they will come back to you in a few hours. Last summer my oldest went to a sleep away camp for 2 weeks. She was 13 at the time and it was an academic camp, focusing on the arts. But it was the first time she had been away from me other than staying with family. I cried all the way home. But she grew so much that summer, deepening our mother/daughter relationship amazingly. Good luck to you this summer - and I'll be checking your other blog posts. We have decided to home school our youngest starting in the fall. She is 10 (5th grade). I am nervous and excited about this new journey and am encouraged by seeing other successful families taking the same course.

    1. Emily, thank you for stopping by! And thank you so much for the additional encouragement about your girl's growth when she went away. :) Homeschooling is wonderful! We love it and it is the absolute best choice for our family. I tried over complicating it our first couple of years, and then, like you, starting reading a ton of blogs from other parents who homeschool and I was SO encouraged! Many give great advice on different curriculum options and simplifying your life as mom, wife, house cleaner, and now: school teacher! :) God bless you in your efforts and may they be fruitful!!

  3. Well I am honored that you would quote this mom in your blog post today. I love watching you parent your precious ones. I certainly loved being your mom and watching you grow (still do!).

    Every age is precious, to be enjoyed, and this is a milestone not soon forgotten. Can't wait to hear about Abigail's first day!

    aka Grandmommie!

  4. What wonderful wisdom. Mine are not quite that old yet (5 and 3) but those days are coming! It is hard to let go, but that is part of it. I loved camp as a girl, and it sounds like your daughter will be blossoming all summer.

    1. Thank you, Courtney, for swinging by! Yes, it was hard the first day, but better the second, and today was totally good for me. And Abigail is doing very well, they've said. :)


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