June 20, 2012

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Homemade Cards He Will Cherish
Daddy Date Invitation
They'll love this "crafty" extra: Cut a slit in the card and slide in their homemade "tickets," and secure them on the back.   It's incredibly important for their relationship with each of you to get some "solo" time.  :)
Things I love About My Daddy
Just by simply prompting the question, "What are some things that you love about your daddy or like to do with him?" they will come up with the cutest, simplest, and most heart-felt list of their own.  Assist pre-writers, of course.  ;)
A "Thank You" Card to Your Husband
A Wallet Sized Photo of His children (with or without his wife)
A Family Excursion, Simply for Something He Needs

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    1. Thank so much, John Michael! So glad it can be of use for someone else. :)

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