May 17, 2012

Writing Music Again
& A Review of Sarah Reeves' New Album "Broken Things"

I am not really sure why I didn't rush to go purchase Sarah Reeves new full-length album, "Broken Things," when it first released.  I adored her first EP, the 7-track disc entitled, "Sweet, Sweet Sound," and her 3-track second EP called, "God of the Impossible."  So I'm not sure why I hesitated. 
I knew it was out and that I would "probably enjoy it" ...
...but I seriously had no clue as to the depth it would drive me in worship, completely wrecking me and interrupting my day.
An excerpt from her Facebook page:

"I have one goal and one true destiny," Sarah Reeves declares with an urgency that is palpable, "and that is to bring people to the heart of God, to help them understand His love, His mercy, and the freedom and power of worship. My goal is to lead the nations into His arms. That's my calling."

If such a bold declaration from one so young makes you fold your arms and paste a skeptical smirk across your face, Sarah's sweet, dimpled smile will immediately disarm you. A sampling of her music will convince you of her sincerity, and an examination of her lyrics will reveal a heart far older and wiser than her years.

"God called me to be a worship leader when I was 15 years old," Sarah insists. "I've stood on that calling ever since. It takes a lot of prayer to lead worship. It means being the same off-stage as I am on-stage. I realize I'm still a little girl in a great big world. I understand that I am still naïve. But I believe the Bible is true when it says to let no man despise your youth. I have made mistakes and learned from those mistakes. The important thing is to keep my mind on the Word of God, to be true to who I am, and to keep growing."
Deeper worship in my "every day" that spring-boarded for me from this album has driven my heart of worship back to my instrument.  I haven't been playing the piano like I "should." 
I'm so busy about earthly things.  And yes, responsibilities are important.  Taking care of my family, homeschooling, health, etc, etc, etc. - they must be done. 
But I've realized that there HAS been time that I've MADE for other things that are not important, that can be easily converted into something else that I want/need to be doing.
This album has also challenged me in the best of possible ways in my own song writing.  I feel like there are songs waiting in past journals, in past writings to Him, just waiting for me to thumb through so Holy Spirit can cause them to leap off the page at me.  :) 
I have needed to be writing music again.  I've matured musically and spiritually so much since the last time I was actively composing. 
I'm not genius by any means musically, but I acknowledge that I do have something in me that is worth exploring, cultivating, growing, and to offer in leading others in worship to the God I adore.
Good Times...
So do this: get on Spotify and search Sarah Reeves
You'll be super glad you did.  :)

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