May 5, 2012

Why We Chose & Continually Choose to Homeschool

Ann perfectly words how we feel and believe about education and homeschooling here:
"I’m very concerned that the topic can sadly be divisive and too we are still deeply in process … by His grace, still growing, changing.
So to say from the outset, that I do not think in any way that homeschooling makes a family virtuous — and there are a myriad of very good educational choices.
Homeschooling is not a formula for perfection, nor is homeschooling a panacea for all the sin in this world.
We’re all messy and fallen and sin-scraped. We and our children are born sinners.
Homeschooling will not fix any of that. Only Jesus and His grace can."

"For us, forging a deep attachment to parents was a key factor in our decision, so that children had a strong foundation for their own sense of self, saw parents as more important than peers, and as we modeled the preeminence of God in our lives, our children could see too how to live out that faith model.
Was there a way to home educate that could nurture whole, innovative, creative, well-read, skilled young persons who were passionate Kingdom builders and people lovers? That was the environment we sought to foster. Where two or three are gathered, there He is also.
What I love most about the homeschooling lifestyle is that we are all together, in all our glorious mess, day in and day out."
I am a second generation homeschooler, and the registered Chief Administrator & Academic Instructor of our Schola Directus that you may read about here 
We desire to give them room to grow and learn at their own pace, therefore raising children with a love for learning.  I am passionate about raising homemakers, children who grow into adults that are consumed by the love of God, and for the Truth.  
My husband and I believe that the absolute best way to do so for our children is to teach them at home.  They are active socially within homeschool groups that are like-hearted, in our church fellowship, YMCA seasonal sports & camp, and just recently being added: Keepers of the Faith.  
We do not believe for a second that they are "missing out" on anything extra that this world would have to offer them through public or private school education. However, I fully acknowledge that just because it is our best option/decision/belief, it does not mean that it is for everyone.  
I do not believe that if you are a Christian, that you must homeschool. 
I do not believe that if you are a Christian and send your children to public school, that you're unwise and in sin.  
I do however believe whole-heartedly, with the drastic direction that most public school systems have been heading down in the last couple of decades especially, that it should definitely be a genuine matter of prayer & research for Christian parents who are considering that choice.  
Then I firmly believe that Papa God, Himself will lead each family.  :)
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