March 26, 2012

Treasure Hunts for Gifts Long Ago
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The clock has aged and grown me in good, good ways.  The clock is also good at clouding good things from long ago that had been wrapped with surrounding negativity.  Time can cause forgetfulness and long-term misunderstanding.

There has been much recalled to me as of late that has shown me truly how much good was in my upbringing, amidst difficulties, trials, abuse, even false teaching.  
God has had me on a bit of a treasure hunt.  
He's taking me through memories, and I am willingly walking through those doors hidden away to explore; excitedly.  

There has, of course, been hurt brought to surface that I hadn't realized was there (or still there), forgiveness extended, healings received, new plains to ascend to with Him.  Though even more, it has seemed that those wondrous things have been glorious side-shows along the way leading on to way.  

God has had me on a bit of a treasure hunt. 
Digging for blessing I missed along the way.  Digging for blessings I buried with hurt because of association.

This has all the more encouraged Eucharisteo living in me. 
Thanksgiving.  Grace.  Joy.
Recording blessings.  Recording gifts.
Recognizing their disguise.  Recognizing wool covered eyes. 

Speaking of good things in my past, here is a song that I find encouraging, especially on this Monday! 
As I look ahead to a week of work, all the things that need to be done, the right things to do or accomplish, the difficult things to do...I find my thoughts unyielding: confusion clouds my way,...but how needful it is to acknowledge the Lord in all I do: But, then when I bow to you, the challenges you guide me through.
Grace by Carolyn Hamlin

Lord, as I seek your guidance for the day,
I find my thoughts unyielding: confusion clouds my way,
But, then when I bow to you, the challenges you guide me through,
Your promises are ever new: I claim them for today.

Your Will cannot lead me where your grace will not keep me.
Your hand will protect me: I rest in your care.
Your eyes will watch over me: Your love will forgive me.
And when I am faltering, I still will find you there.

Each new day’s design is guided by your hand,
And graciously revealed as I seek your Master plan.
Keep my footsteps faithful when from you I go.
Return me to the joy that your blessings can bestow.

Your will cannot lead me where your grace cannot keep me.
Your hand will protect me: I rest in your care.
Your eyes will watch over me: Your love will forgive me.
And when I am faltering, I still will find you there.

Your eyes will watch over me,
Your love will forgive me,
And when I am faltering,
Lord, I will find you there.

I bless & encourage you to begin your day with the Lord!  Not to schedule Him in or to mark it off a to do list, or because you're "supposed" to.  No, because He is our air.  
He breathed into me, He breathed into my formless dust and I became; I became His.  

I am imperfect and I forget.  And that's just okay.  It would be weird if I was, wouldn't it?  It would cause some crazy universal paradigm shift if we attained perfection here on the earth.  ;)  He knows.  And He's good with that for the time being.  Remember, He's told us of His big plans...  :)

Smith Wigglesworth often said this, "I never pray for longer than 15 minutes but I never let 15 minutes pass without praying."
And when asked how he begins his days, he stated, "I don't ever ask 'Smith Wigglesworth' how he feels! I jump out of bed! I dance before the Lord for at least 10 to 12 minutes - high speed dancing. I jump up and down and run around my room telling God how great he is, how wonderful He is, how glad I am to be associated with Him and to be His child."
How great is that?!  ;)

Blessings.  Gifts.  
Thanksgiving, grace, joy.  
I freely admit, some days they're really easy for me to miss, other days not so much.  Less and less days are not so much.  :)  

I bless you today with eyes to see them and hearts to recognize them:  don't miss the blessings in disguise this day.  :)  

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  1. I'm so glad I found your site. I love that you are going on a treasure hunt with God. I've done this many, many times but have thought of it more as taking inventory, but a treasure hunt sounds so much more inviting! I think I'll reframe my attitude the next time I go on one! Thanks so much for your words and encouragement, Rebecca!

    1. Yes! So much of our walk with Him is an invitation, isn't it? :) Thank you so much, Beth! I LOVE the title and subtitle of your website. I really enjoyed the read today too! :)

  2. stopping by from glad I did...great post...I wrote today too...of those hard places being the plow that tills up our heart to make it ready to glad you have found healing...thanksliving...oh and I love the wigglesworth quote...will take that with me...blessings as we dance in the mornings:)

    1. Blessings as we dance in the mornings, indeed! :) Thanks Ells. So glad you stopped by! I loved your exposition on Ann Voscamp's words!!

  3. The vision just gets clearer the more thanks I give.

  4. love this line "Your will cannot lead me where your grace cannot keep me." I want to dance with Him the morning...what a great way to start the day...Blessings to you:)

    1. Thank you so much, Dolly! I love that line too. :) As Ells said above, "Blessings as we dance in the mornings!" Please stop by again. :)

  5. Thank you for this lovely blessing, Rebecca. I am carrying much of value from this sacred space tonight.

    1. Oh, Laura, I'm so glad. Thank you for sharing that with me, that means a lot. That's what I desire so much for this space; that it would be His, and He would use and lead my words and gut wrenching honesty to speak His truth to me and many. Blessings to YOU, Laura!! :)


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