March 20, 2012


They are thin and crisp between my fingers.
The extra care in preservation secures truth grounded of the preciousness of the words printed on them.
These words.
Your words.
Long distance though, You are not.
Low, you are not far off!
You are the closest of close.
In me.  In pages.  Me.  These.
Translucence in the delicateness recalls to me You transparency.
Looking further, gazing on opaque remnants of words who's home lies on other pages; You speak to me of Your depth.
There is always more.
Always deeper penetration of Your love in soul rooms with forgotten keys.
Always more to know of You and Your ways.
Make me more of Your home.
And may You be more of my home.
Your heart: home for my mind, home for my will, home for my emotions.  Home for all.
Glow these words with revelation from Your Spirit, and teach me to apply.
Paint pictures; rich oil or whimsical watercolor.
Separation's less.  Heartstrings thread tighter.
Today I memorize and kiss Your letter.  Every line, curve, wrinkle, weather, color, dimension.
One day, Your face.

And if books had playlists...On the shores of my soul I give you permission to wash my fear away; and take all my disappointment, and fill me with joy once again.  Explode My Soul:

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  1. Wow. I am so touched by your post. So many wonderfully rich words ripening under the warmth of His loving hands. I think these are my favorite: Open the curtains. air me out. Let You light fill, saturate, radiate, and revel.

    Thank you for the joyful radiance today! Found you via Write it, Girl.

  2. A lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. What beautiful prose of yours. Reading the word does restoreth the soul.


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