March 2, 2012

Bringing God's LIFE to People
+ an update on my recovery

Great news!  I am *sounding* much better, haha, back to myself again.  I haven't had to take the prescription medication since Tuesday, just Ibuprofen, so my head is EXTREMELY more clear than my last posting was.  ;-P

There's still some pain in my back where the cartilage is healing, but not acute (obviously, since I've not taken the heavy drugs, lol).  I have graduated to not needing to sleep in my rib brace at night, but I'll continue to wear it during the day for at least a couple of weeks and yet still, take it as it comes, so maybe longer.

I've gained a few pounds while being on bed rest and eating our church family's *singing* AMAZING *cease singing* meals they've so kindly shared with our family while I wasn't able to cook.  On one hand - I'd love to get rid of these inches FAST, but on the other (and upper) hand - I'm in NO hurry to start working out because I do NOT want to re-tear the cartilage.  This has been a very irritating pain (in many different ways).  I'm taking it easy.  And not planning to return to be apart of Tinderbox Dance Company until I am confident in my recovery.

Thank you all for the prayers!!!  So, so much.  Thanks.  :)

It was scary for a long minute there in the ER.  I mean, I was SO glad that they took me back immediately, but as they were getting my wheel chair turned around the nurse hollered asking if I had come up on (someone's) screen yet...and as I was pushed out of there, nurses had big eyes and started moving swiftly saying my name.  I've also NEVER had an ER doctor come in my room so quickly.  But after he examined me and told us what he was thinking (about a blood clot) we realized why everyone had been acting the way they were.  I was ushered for a CT Scan very quickly too.  They all knew that if I had had one, they needed to be ready and move fast, I guess.  BUT I DIDN'T!  Praise Jesus...

Seriously though, I got afraid for a good minute.  The doctor left the room and I started sobbing and breathing really hard (I guess sort of like a panic attack).  But my husband never showed the momentary fear that gripped his heart.  He held my face, and with foreheads together, he prayed...hard, and spoke to my body and rebuked that mess.  And spoke to me - telling me the TRUTH.  He said very hard and sternly, "That is NOT what you have.  It's not.  I know it.  Do I tell you the truth always?  Do I tell you the truth?!  Right.  Then you believe me now:  You do NOT have a blood clot...nothing that serious, and God WILL show us what it is."  :)  I am so blessed. 
Note of comedy - The CT Scan machine reminded me of the movie Stargate!  Similar to how the giant wheel would spin and light up and then you could transport to another world?  Yep.  Ct Scan = Stargate.  ;-P 

I had a wonderful nurse, really amazing.  With a buoyant or self-confident air; briskly she was, and cheerful.  :)  After Aaron and Jesus had calmed me down, and she came back in, God prompted me to speak new truth to her concerning her self-proclamation of ADHD to explain her perkiness.  It was awesome.  She stopped in the middle of what she was doing and smiled very genuinely, and was like, "I never thought of it that way, thank you."  YAY GOD!  haha 

And the orderly that rolled my bed to and from the CT Scan told Aaron that I was the the nicest and most peaceful person he's ever taken for that, and how refreshing I was to him.  YAY GOD AGAIN! 

I'm brought to tears again as I recall all of this, at how many people you can easily bring His LIFE to when you just simply REST in Him.
On the swings with playful hearts.

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  1. So glad to hear things are looking up. God is surely a power to reckon with, isn't He? With just a swipe of His hand, He can wipe all that bad stuff away.

    I love visiting your blog.

    Have a wonderful day!


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