January 12, 2012

Your Words, Your Timing O God, A Dedication

I sought answer, giving direction for this, this thing I want so desperately to become all that you have for it; You breaking through dreams and Your springing up hope and change to other daughters of Yours, just from sharing my gut-ugly, beautiful honesty...here.  It is quiet.  No caution.  So I passionately, with great desire, yet timidly, humbly push the door.  I push the door to see if it opens, welcoming me to walk through.  It does.  You do.  As I enter I find a room with no end, walls and floor painted with words and drafts, and excitement; with no ceiling, just blue and clouds for You and I to bust so You rain down.  Heart overflowing with script that must be shared.  Thanksgiving.  Give me Your Words, Your Timing, Your Order, Your Plan, O God, and grow my creativity in you - lifestyle of creativity built on foundation of thanksgiving. 

These words, a public re-dedication of this world-wide web space to You.

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