January 24, 2012

To Truly SEE & HEAR Our Husbands
::Titus 2sdays::

Father, Reading Your words through Your daughter, I am compelled.  Moved to action in the every day to be present in every moment. Specifically and most recently in our covenant of eight years.  I am my beloved's and Aaron is mine.  Hearts and minds do not forget, but attention and attitudes get caught up in busyness and "life," and sometimes may.  Being present with him today meant I could see him in the small things, I could hear what he didn't say.  New items listed in my "Definites"--  To thank my husband today.  To encourage my husband today.  Eucharisteo!  Thanksgiving.  Grace.  Joy.


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  1. So sweet, so caring. When we see God in others, we truly see. Thanks for the reminder.


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