January 26, 2012

Dollar Store Decor DIY
::Transformation Thursday::

Decorating your home on a shoe-string budget ~
Check out your local Goodwill and Dollar Stores, get piece by piece even if you need to; you'll be happy with the finished product when you did!  :)
Medium-Sized Wall Art for Dining "Room" - $4
Wall Clock for Dining "Room" - $10
Large Wall Art for Our Bathroom - $5
Small Wall Scroll for the Hallway - $2
(Two of my favorite items on the shelves pictured below)
Three Japanese Character Prints - $2 each, Two Small Scripture Wood Plaques - $3 each, Medium-Sized "Believe" Wall Art - $5, and Small Wooden Balls - $1 each

I'm SO tickled about these!  Haven't even hung them yet.  They match our bedroom perfectly (I love purple :)  Two Medium-Sized Wall Art for Master Bedroom - $6 each

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  1. I can't believe you still have that flower arrangement :) Makes me smile to see it!!

    1. And I love all the amazing art :) The scroll is beautiful!!!! Great job making deals! PS. I was so excited to see us on your blog (the badge) but...:( the url flopped, but I fixed it--so if you get a chance to repaste the repaired html code. Sorry about that!

    2. hahaha I know! I love that. ;) And yes, I noticed that your url was incorrect - I'm glad to get the new one! :D


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