December 7, 2011

Gratefulness Is ::Walk With Him Wednesdays::

  • A positive attitude or personality
  • A religious denial of reality, pain, or grief
  • Presenting fake happiness
  • Something I do to ensure the favor of God
  • What I might offer as a rote habit before a meal
  • Every moment is a gift
  • I had destroyed all hope
  • By all justice I should have been left in my sickness, drained away.
  • His love reached all the way to make me clean
  • The intention for my life has never been a string of mostly advantageous events but a dependence and beauty learned only in trusting God’s love through the entire spectrum of events common to all, but uniquely received with gratitude only by His own.
  • No one is immune from disaster on this fallen planet
  • None of it has the power to ruin my life
  • No good fortune has the ability to give me a superior life
  • No prosperity, no blessing is the proof of His favor
  • No calamity, no reversal, no lack is proof of His disapproval
  • He alone loves me most
  • His redemption of me through the cross and resurrection-it never stops
  • He alone knows what will give sense to my life
  • He never makes a mistake regarding me
  • He wastes no pain, no sorrow, no failure
  • He is redeeming all that has befallen me, every moment
  • He is able, He’s not weak.
  • He is not forgetful, He is not unwilling
  • He makes good out of all that is evil, dark, destructive. All.
  • Sadness is not an aberration, but a channel to experience Him
  • He stands in the middle of everything that won’t let me stand
  • He never gets even with me for something
  • He never mocks me, or says, “I told you this would happen.”
  • Nothing added to this life=basis for gratefulness. He constantly forms the reason for my
    gratefulness. He never changes.

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