November 30, 2011

Weaning ::Homemaking Wednesdays::

Months One through Five:  8 times per day

Months Six through Nine:  6 times per day

Months Ten and Eleven:  5 times per day for 6 weeks and 3 times per day for 2 weeks

Month Twelve:  2 times per day for two weeks, 1 time per day (she favored mornings) for 1 week, and 1 time every other day for one week

Month Thirteen:  W E A N E D.  And hasn't asked for me since.

Bitter-sweet would be the word.
Usually it's bird.
Bird is the word after-all.

But in this case it is not.

She was ready.  That was the hardest realization to deal with.  The eldest girls nursed longer.  But she really was ready.  I'm happy to have my body back in a way, but not really in another.  I love to nurse.  So here's to my baby growing up...  


  1. You have won the Norwex giveaway at A Wise Woman Builds Her Home! Congratulations and please contact me as soon as possible!

  2. My little guy is 9 months & 3 weeks old and only nursing 3-4 times per day. This is the longest I've ever nursed so I don't really know what to expect. How do you KNOW she was ready? He is asking for more and more solids.

  3. "The Momma" - I have always nursed exclusively (without supplementing any other thing, like formula), so I go for a minimum of a year, but you can go as long as you both like. :)

    Around 11 months Lillian (our 3rd) was not only beginning to eat more solid foods, but was also starting to become dis-interested. Our nursing times were lessening to fewer minutes and fewer minutes. The only feeding that she continued to cling to was the first one of the day, in the early morning.


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