November 10, 2011

I am Intent

To live painstakingly purposeful
Uncovering continual joy in the sacrifice of life
The life my flesh thinks I want to live
It will come under my spirit
I allow myself to flourish
To flourish in what You have created me for

I am more than any one thing or role
I am my true self in Your presence
In Truth
You see me in Truth
I begin to see myself in Truth
And I live it out

Some days flesh wages harder
Some days it wins
Other days I am firm
Stand my ground
Your spirit wins
And I find it is easy

Relax and live in Truth
Simply breathe
This is who I am already
I just forget

This moment
I remember
I am purposeful
I am intent


  1. A beautiful posting for a beautiful blog ~ you did a wonderful job here Rebecca and should feel quite proud!

  2. Oh, Sharon! Thank you so very much! It was a lot of work, but I figured it all out I think, thanks to you!! :) I love my blog's makeover. ♥


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