July 29, 2011

Worship: A message from Jonathan David Helser

"Worship is the great returning to our origin.  Worship is the great returning to the place we came from.  The word 'worship' in both Greek and Hebrew means to bow down in the dust.  In the beginning God picked up dust, pulled it up to His face, and got dirty; kissed dirt and made a man.  And in that moment the eyes of Adam looked into the eyes of God and he saw who he was and God saw who He was because God made man in His own image.  Worship is the great returning. In Greek and Hebrew it means to bow low and press your face against the ground.  I have this beautiful memory inside of my heart and we all have it, it's called eternity.  And we all have this memory of looking into the eyes of God like Adam did.  Worship is that place where I begin to uncover that whisper of who I am.  Why do we sing God's name in worship?  Why do we tell Him He's the God of the angel armies, that He's mighty to save, He's our Shepherd, He's our King?  Because He's forgotten or because we've forgotten?  And thus by telling Him who He is we remember who we are.  Every night when I tuck my little girl in bed, she's 5 and the most beautiful thing in the world to me, I sing her the old Joe Cocker song, 'You are so beautiful to me, can't you see?  You're everything I hoped for, you're every thing I need.'  I think God walked through the garden singing that song or something that sounded just like it.  Have you ever thought about Adam's first day with God?  He wakes up, it's day 7, and God's standing beside him.  'Hey Adam, I took the whole day off of work today.  It's about Me and you.'  And Adam is like this little cup at the bottom of a raging waterfall that had been waiting to poor love into something.  And God pours all of who He is while walking and talking with Adam.  To me, sin was not just eating fruit from a tree.  Sin was believing another voice.  Sin was when the snake said, "Eve, if you eat this you'll be like God," and somehow it had never communicated to Eve that she already was like God.  I wanna spend my life telling my daughter that she looks just like God.  My goal as a husband is to ravish my wife's heart with flowers, with gifts, with parties, with dates, everything I can to tell her she looks just like God.  So when the snake climbs up on a branch near her, she goes, "What are you talking about?  I look just like Him.  I don't need your thoughts to complete me.  I'm already complete."  But in that garden Adam stood right beside his wife and didn't whisper a word.  And I believe these are days that men are taking back their voice, and they say, 'Get out of my garden, snake.  My wife looks just like God, my daughter looks just like God, and I look just like God."  And worship is the place that we uncover who we are by uncovering who He is.  And in the dirt God comes down and picks us back up.  We don't know if God picked up the dirt or got into the dirt, but we know He got close to us and breathed Himself into us..."

To hear the entire, just 13 minute, message, follow this link:

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