May 9, 2011

I still choose you...

Some days, it's the little things --
A morning that's not so rushed when we actually get to talk, kiss, and wish each other a great day.  It's a look across the room when we can tell we're both thinking the same thing.  Or just an ordinary night hanging out at home, when everything feels right in our world.

Other days, it's the big things--
Finding a compromise when we'd both rather stand our ground.  Adjusting to change that shakes up our plans.  Or just making time to pursue one another in our busy life as we're pulled in all different directions.

Every day there's something, & most days there are a lot of things --
That remind me why we fit so well together, why I appreciate you so much, and why you'll always be the love of my life.
Happy Anniversary 
(of the day we met)

1 comment:

  1. Aww... I remember that picture at the top! And you coming home from that concert saying that you met the man you'd marry. :) Y'all are so cute. Happy anniversary!!


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