February 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Abigail!!!

We have spent her whole life talking about Jesus.  Telling her stories of all the awesome things He did, for people in the Bible, for her, and for everyone ever.  I'm not a perfect momma.  And to be honest I don't try to be.  Because when I try to perfect only one thing results from it: I let myself down.  Because I'm just not.  And that's okay.  There is a huge difference from striving to do and be my best for today (which sometimes means I get everything almost everything done, and sometimes means they get leftover pizza for breakfast and watch a movie before devotions, school and chores).  A dear friend of mine said to me recently when we were discussing this very thing, "But ya know, when there's days like that, I believe I'm a better mom for it.  I would rather have a day occasionally that I need to sit them in front of a movie (and throw schedule to the wind) than get overwhelmed and yell at my kids."  So our girls have not seen a perfectly consistent example of Christ, because we are human and imperfect.  But we pray continually that were are consistent enough that they truly do see the Truth that is Jesus in our lives.  His love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control, acceptance, wisdom, understanding (this list could go on forever and forever, thankfully).  And we've been praying for our childrens' souls since I became pregnant with each of them; praising God in advance for the day they come to know Him personally.

Yesterday after church (that had concluded with partaking in communion that had been set out on tables at the perimeter of the room) Abigail was quite interested in the leftover bread and juice.  She wanted a snack.  :)  And to be honest, that bread was so yummy I could have chowed down myself!  I squatted down to be eye-level with her to begin to explain what it is called, who it is for, and why we do it.  I can't really explain it perfectly, but I knew something was different.  I just felt a sort of pressing in my spirit from God.  I prayed quickly while I spoke, "Jesus, please give me Your words that she needs right now."  And He did.  :)  I retold her about Jesus and about sin (all the bad stuff we do that is not good, like lying and fighting, teasing and hitting).  And that because we do those bad things, and God doesn't do bad things (He is perfect and holy), we can't have a relationship with Him.  And that the "discipline" for those bad things/sin is to be killed, to die.  But that God said, "No.  I love my Abigail too much to let that happen."  So Jesus, God's son, came down from heaven to live on earth and He said, "I love my Abigail too much for her to be disciplined like that, so I will take her place.  We will trade places and I will be disciplined instead of her."  So even though Jesus never did anything wrong, He gave Himself to be killed and die for you.

At this point she became very sad and concerned and we sat down on the floor together as her eyes teared up.  Then I said, "But guess what happened next?!"  (haha, I get ALL excited right here)  I explained that 3 days later God raised Him from the dead!!  She looked up and smiled really big.  And now He's alive in heaven forever and NOW that means she can have a relationship with God and Jesus can be her best friend!  "Do you want that, Abigail?"  "Yes!" she said.  I said, "It's sad and happy all at the same time that Jesus took your place and died isn't it?"  She nodded.  I asked her if she wanted to pray with me to thank Jesus for what He did, ask God for forgiveness for her sin, and make Him her best friend, having a relationship with God.  "Yes!  But I want you to pray with me..."  :)  "Of course, honey.  Talk to Him after me."  And she did.  :)

After we prayed she had tears in her eyes again and was smiling really big.  She said, "I have a relationship with Jesus now, so I need to have communion like yall."  I said sure!  But then when stood up it was gone!  Oh, she turned to back to me crying.  It wasn't a cry from a little girl who was upset that a snack was gone.  It was a cry of someone who desired that physical representation of asking Jesus into heart and so now having a relationship with Him.  But her daddy came to the rescue who had been watching from a distance while talking to friends, and was pretty sure what was going on.  He ran up with bread and a little communion cup of juice.  She stopped crying and thanked him.  We talked a little bit more about communion as I lead her in it.  She was happy.  She got up and hugged her daddy to tell Him all about it.  Her daddy and I cried while we looked at each other over her shoulder.  She said she wanted to tell all her friends.  :)

We then explained that it was now her spiritual birthday and that we wanted to go out to lunch to celebrate!  Her choice.  She picked Golden Coral.  ;)  And friends came to celebrate and fellowship with us.  It. Was. Great.  I now know what it feels like deep inside of me to know a child of mine knows Him.  Priceless.


  1. So proud of Abigail :) Happy Birthday honey!!

  2. Oh my goodness! This makes my whole day! Congratulations to you and to Abigail! May she continue to grow in grace and favor with the Lord!!

  3. Oh, I am SO crying right now! =) I'm so happy for her and for you. I can't imagine all that you're feeling. I wish I could give all of you a great big hug!!! Maybe when we come to NC next. =)

  4. Beautiful! Somehow I only just discovered this link. Thank you so much for sharing! Love you guys!


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