August 27, 2010

Hearts Set On Pilgrimage

All things big were once things small.  
Do not despise the time of small beginnings.  
He is faithful.  
Enjoy the pilgrimage of your story.

Psalm 84:5
"Blessed (the Hebrew word used here for blessed is ashar, meaning "happy")
is the man (or woman) whose strength is in You,
whose heart is set on pilgrimage."

As Christians, honestly speaking, we're not too big on the word "happy" are we?  But we're all about some "joy" right?  That non-surface emotion that comes directly from the depths of you, out of peace in the Lord, no matter the circumstance.  But it's a little more difficult at certain times to even consider that God is interested in our "happiness," because happiness has to do with circumstance right?  But to go back to that scripture again, and fully considering the original Hebrew it was written in, it does say..."happy"...right?  So it's basically getting very up front with us to let us know, "Your circumstances will 'feel' a whole lot better if you get it in your head & heart that you are only passing through this moment."  This is a flash of time in eternity.  This is not where this thing ends yall.  Whatever you're going through, you're not staying in. defines pilgrimage as, "a journey, esp. a long one, made to some sacred place as an act of religious devotion."  Now, scroll back up and re-read that scripture again with me... :)

So I say it again:
He is faithful.
Enjoy the pilgrimage of your story. 

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