May 24, 2010

It's a Girl!

We're expecting our 3rd daughter to join us this October!  We're very excited.  There was about a minute of tears shed by our eldest, who had "planned on having a baby brother."  But then started to get excited again as she continued to watch the ultrasound saying, "There's her hand!"  I also saw a silent mixture of pure happiness and excitement and the slightest twinge of disappointment on my husband's face.  We both, but him especially (which is totally understandable) have a heart's desire for a son.  Not instead, but as well.  We don't feel that our motivation in having this and more children will be the old, "tryin til we get a boy," and our decision to continue with a 4th child was decided through prayer before finding out that this is not our little boy yet, but our beautiful baby girl.  We are SO excited.  There is just an amazing sense of joy and expectancy deep in our spirits over this child.  We can't hardly wait to meet her!

Lillian Hosanna

Lillian is of Greek and Latin origin. Meaning a lily, elegant flower; innocence; purity; beauty; (Songs 2:1)Hosanna is of Hebrew and Greek origin. Meaning a prayer of acclamation and praise for salvation; and when proclaimed TO an individual (Yeshua/Jesus) it is a prayer of acclamation and praise TO the Savior.


  1. I am 28 weeks pregnant, and my name is ALSO Rebecca Dawn, and I ALSO was planning to name my daugther to be Lillian. I just was surfing the web for ultrasound photos and somehow stumbled across your blog. Thought it was quite ironic! Just thought I'd let you know

  2. What are the odds of that??? haha


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