February 13, 2010

Swept Away By My Love's Love

My husband and I haven't been on a date in months.  Not for lack of desire, but the temporary lack of finances.  It's not just the cost of the date to consider, but the babysitter as well if a grandparent is not available.

But last night he took me out.  We dressed up.  I really enjoyed that part, and my husband was happy to play along.  We spent most of the waiting time for our table, fingers entwined, strolling around the beautiful three story mall across the street.  Walking around with no agenda, totally focused on just spending time with only each other is such a change from running errands with the girls, though still a joy in of itself in its own time.

We could see through the big windows at the restaurant that it had begun snowing.  By the time the movie had ended later in the night there was a thick inch or more covering all the cars in the parking lot.  It was very pretty.  But not safe to walk on in stilettos.  My Champion suggested I stay just inside the big glass doors and wait for him to pull up the car.  As I laughed a bit and said, "Okay, I'll wait here,"  a younger couple, seemingly older teens, passed by.  He laughed at me, shaking his head like the gentlemanly notion was ridiculous, pulling his date by the hand out the door together.  Her face however showed a combination of a cheesy romantic smile of approval in my direction and slight disappointment in being yanked out into the cold.

Girls, please don't settle for less than you know God desires for you.  Jesus is the ultimate gentleman, and we should desire a man that, when we look at him, we see Jesus' reflection.  Sometimes all a guy needs is just to be gently and most lovingly told your desires to be treated with honor, as cherished.  But remember, not any amount less, but the same goes for what we offer them as well.  You can be yourself, as wacky and unique as you may be, and still be the kind of girl or woman that is graceful and respectful of his manhood, one that the right guy finds himself wanting to treat you with a different level of consideration, as you also consider him.  :)

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